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Why Master Precision Mold Technology?

• World Class Quality

• Commitment to your project success for life of mold

• Champion of Lean, efficient, low-cost manufacturing

• Expert in specialty molds: such as test specimen, two shot molds, and insert molds


Master Precision is an industry leader in building difficult and close tolerance molds in North America. Our product quality is unsurpassed. When a completed Master Precision mold is delivered, it has been fully tested and ready to create production quality parts.



ISO 9001:2015 certified, Machine tonnage from 10 ton to 700 ton, Two Shot Molds, Insert Molds, Compression Molds, Prototype molds, Automotive, Medical, Appliance, Office Furniture experience, In-house Laser Welding, Mold Maintenance Contracts, Lead times from 3 weeks to 14 weeks-project dependent, Fast turnaround repair service, Superior project management from launch through first parts


Master Precision believes in utilizing new technology to maximize customer value. Therefore, we are continually updating our facilities and equipment. Our preventive maintenance programs keeps all our equipment in excellent condition. We utilize Lean manufacturing principles to manage our quality and cost. We are competitive by design. We understand the time and cost constraints put on our customers and make it our mission be the solution.


Our engineering staff will help through the entire project— from part design to molding parameters. The engineers and designers have spent years learning the industry through hands-on expierence and have become skilled craftsmen in their field. We use the latest tools and software to increase automation and streamline the design process.


Multi-material molding or two-shot molding is still a developing technology in the United States, however, it has been popular in Europe for many years. Master Precision Mold Technology is one of only a handful of mold-making companies who have the expertise to truly help custom molders venture into this high-precision technology. We have been designing two-shot parts and making molds that produce them for over 30 years

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