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Master Precision Mold Technology is located in Greenville, Michigan. The work ethic and high-quality craftsmanship from our local Danish heritage is the cornerstone of MPMT's success. The quality of our product is never compromised, and our commitment to our customers is unsurpassed. 

When you succeed, we succeed.

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Our Promise

Master Precision is totally committed to achieving excellence through total quality in every aspect of our business. This commitment is so strong that we believe that the success of our company depends on our ability to appreciate, understand, and implement quality in all aspects of the manufacturing process. This encompasses quality-focused goals, a strategy, and our way of doing business. Every manager at all levels is expected to cause the changes necessary to understand, educate, and continually implement our quality policy throughout our processes without any delay. This pursuit for excellence is implemented and part of a continuous process throughout the organization.

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Our Principals


Our company is dedicated to the highest quality in all the work we do. Our reputation for high standards of product and service is derived from the work generated by superior personal efforts at all levels of the company. Through periodic management reviews, our quality system is monitored to ensure we continuously improve out standard of excellence 


Value is the complex task of balancing a product's benefits with its price. We keep systems and processes simple without non-value added steps. We search all over the world for technology and features to offer our customers more choices. Our constant goal is to provide the best value proposition.


Our company fosters an environment of personal responsibility. We are made up of highly ethical men and women who are asked to be accountable for their own superior standard of performance. It is a requirement that decisions are made at all levels. The constant decisions and actions of our staff members are supported and respected by our management. The opportunity of success is placed in the capable hands of our members. Your motivated spirit and sharp minds deliver success.


Our strength is in our ability to deploy our assets: physical, financial capital, and human, in a manner in which our products are delivered with the highest quality with the least possible cost. Our plants are orderly, clean, and designed for simplicity. we keep prices low by minimizing our consumption of assets, which can only be done with creative and dedicated people. 


Our Approach

From concept to finished product, Master Precision provides quality, on-time delivery, total value and innovation to our dynamic customer base.


One of our most crucial goals is to deliver products to you in a timely manner, so you can deliver product to your customers in a timely manner. When you win, we win.


Sustainable growth comes from developing new products, re-engineering existing products and entering new markets. If these are your goals, Master Precision can help you achieve them. Our product technology and technical service, coupled with our manufacturing expertise, will help you gain a true competitive advantage.


Our engineering staff will help you with your entire project from part design to molding parameters. Our engineers and designers are skilled craftsmen who have spent years building molds. We use the latest tools and software to speed the time to market. The design is the cornerstone of a great production mold.



Our Approach

Our Story


Technology & Manufacturing

MPMT believes in utilizing new technology to maximize customer value. Therefore, we are continually updating our facilities and equipment. Our preventive maintenance program keeps all of our equipment in excellent condition.

We utilize World Class Lean manufacturing principles to help us manage our quality and cost in every process. We are always competitive. Looking inward to control our process and constantly making it better is what keeps us healthy. We understand the time and cost constraints put on our customers and make it part of our mission be a part of the solution for everyone.