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Customer Testimonials


Thank you, sending me the mold wrenches and holiday wishes – we appreciate it. We have been absolutely pleased with the quality and ease of operation of the family mold that you made for us. By customizing the mold you made for us it has saved us hundreds of hours of press time and down time by being able to leave the same mold in and still make all of the individually optimized lab test parts, utilizing your simple gate system. We will definitely refer your company to the customers and associates that tour our lab facility.

-  Spencer P. (Revolutionary Plastics)


You are welcome for the work. Bill speaks very highly of both you and MPM.  We appreciate the exceptional work and fair pricing you are providing - it is much appreciated.

I'd like to ask that if you and MPM have outsourcing needs in the future - that you'd consider using Action Mold - if the timing and our price and capabilities merit such consideration.

- Mike F. (Action Mold)

What a great note to start my day with. Thank you! Please know that I’ve been very impressed with your team at Master Precision. Mike Crandell is full of integrity and very supportive of the multiple requests asked of him by Pliant (measurements, photos, visits, etc) The quality of work and commitment is outstanding. I have actually thought about future connections with Master and hope to have more opportunities to sing praises for your company to generate more business for you! Thanks again, Steve, for your kind email today and the very nice, hand-written thank you note you sent earlier. I was so impressed by that! It’s a lost art. I’m always making my kids write personal thank you notes and I shared with them yours (it’s still hanging in Pliant’s mailroom) as an example to encourage how important they are. I told them your mom raised you well, too. - Aimee V. (Pliant Plastics Corporation)

Blaine, just thought I would let you know that we molded some ISO test bars today, and that the mold is working great. Thank you for your excellent support.

- Jim M. (Piedmont Plastics)

Thank you for the great service and all your help with this die. 

"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."

Walt Disney

- Bill D. (Ampacet)